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Dr. Sharyn & James Kennedy are Western-trained therapists from New Zealand specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy and attachment therapy for individuals and couples.

Dr. Sharyn Kennedy

Dr. Sharyn Kennedy studied at Massey University (Albany, New Zealand). She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology.

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, she worked in New Zealand as a psychologist in a rehabilitative traumatic brain injury unit, a cognitive behaviour therapy clinic and a recruitment organisation interpreting psychometric testing for corporate clients.

She also volunteered for YouthLine, an Auckland-based telephone counselling service for youth who need psychological support.

Sharyn conducts both individual and couples therapy sessions and, among other things, can help you:

  • Cope with depression, anxiety or panic attacks
  • Work through trauma or loss
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Manage stress at work or in a relationship

Dr. Sharyn is amazing at her job. She listens to what you say and gives you the strategies you need to be a happier you. She goes through the strategies to ensure you know how to use them. She explains how these strategies work in the brain too. What I liked the most was, there was no focus on labelling what your issue was. You discuss why you feel and act in a certain way and what is happening in your body and brain when this happens. Dr Sharyn gives you techniques you need to change your way of thinking in a positive way.



12 Ways to Change Your Thinking


Thinking is your brain’s most favourite activity. Your brain wants to make sense of everything. It loves figuring things out, reasoning and attaching meaning to events.

But when your thoughts are stuck in an overwhelmingly negative cycle, you struggle to get free.

Here are 12 easy actions to help you un-stick your thinking and break that negative cycle.