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We help people deal with stress, anxiety, depression and relationships.

Hi. We are Dr. Sharyn Kennedy and James Kennedy, Western-trained therapists from New Zealand.

We specialize in cognitive behavioural therapy and attachment therapy to help you rediscover joy in life so that one morning after you wake up, you can finally say, “Life is beautiful!”

Does this sound familiar?


You can’t sleep at night because you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts. You dread facing the day because it brings nothing but stress. Life stopped bringing you joy a long time ago.

Everything seems so difficult. You can’t concentrate and have to force yourself to complete the simplest tasks.

When you go outside, you feel anxious. Your heart is beating so fast as if someone’s chasing you. You wish you could stay home all day, not having to see or talk to anyone.

You feel angry all the time and even the smallest things make you snap.

Why can’t you just be happy and enjoy life like everyone else? What’s wrong with you?

You feel so lonely and tired. You feel like you’re failing.

You don’t know what to do but you know that you need to do something? You’ve come to the right place!

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Our Courses

4x4 Program

4 Steps to FastFix Anxiety in 4 Weeks


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How to Deal with Difficult Emotions - a Psychologist's Approach

Powerful psychological solutions I use in clinical practice to help clients manage overwhelming negative feelings of anxiety, anger or fear.


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Individual therapy

You’ve tried putting on a brave face and dealing with your problems alone.

You’ve read many articles about depression, anxiety, childhood trauma or loss, trying to make sense of your thoughts and feelings and looking for a way to feel normal again.

But those articles didn’t help. You still can’t sleep or even concentrate. You feel sad, angry and stressed all the time.

Let us help. Together, we’ll uncover the root cause of your problems and figure out the best ways for you to cope with negative thoughts and feelings, helping you become the calm, confident and happy person again.

Dr. Sharyn helped me deal with my anxiety. In just four sessions I noticed a radical shift in my perception of life and the difficulties that arise. I now feel much better and much more confident in facing my everyday challenges.


I expected to develop better coping skills, to learn how to think more positively and to resolve issues from my childhood that bother me. The expectations were met and I feel like I have improved in all areas.


Couples therapy

Things haven’t been going good for a while. You still care for each other, but it feels like you can’t do it anymore.

You used to be in love. Now, you just fight all the time. Before, you couldn’t stand to be apart even for a day. Now, you can’t wait to get away on a business trip.

The thought of splitting up is devastating, but what if it’s the only solution left?

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Let us help you and your partner rediscover your connection and find your way back to each other.

I would advise the person to go in with an open mind and be ready to learn. I would tell them that what I learned are sustainable and refreshing coping mechanisms. I suggest that CBT and Sharyn helped me with structured discussion and not to be concerned with thoughts of traditional Hollywood therapy. It felt so much more.



Sharyn helped me to manage my anxiety and worries. I really enjoyed the sessions and they flew by! I feel equipped to tackle future problems in my life. Sharyn was able to help me to work through real problems in a way that make me feel calmer, less anxious and more able to cope.

Thank you Sharyn 🙂



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